Doug Webb-The Always Already State

Doug Webb is an Awakening Coach, and guides people into deeper states of consciousness in which they can directly experience the Self, not as mind, experience or even spirituality, but as that which precedes all. It is easy to release held feeling, beliefs and trauma from such a state, and Doug is highly skilled at facilitating these Moments of Awakening.
Doug is also a visionary artist whose work looks at the fabric of Human Experience with the multi-layered essence of our perceptions, thoughts, feelings and archetypes acting as clues to our Being. His path has been one of Awakening and portraying that Awakening in images, writings, and music, all serving the Radiant Core of the Universe.
DougWebbAnd last but not least, Doug is a singer/songwriter/guitar player extraordinaire. We see him (almost) every week in The Celebration Band.