Dr. Halina Krupa-Children of the New Earth: How Do We Support Them?

Dr. Halina Krupa is a Chiropractor specializing in holistic healthcare for kids. She graduated from Life University, Georgia in 2005. She is certified in Bionutritional Care with the Hope for Autism organization; is a Doula and has had the honor of attending births as well as bringing her two bundles of joy into the world at home with midwives and family. She blogs about inspiration and self-care tips for families who do it differently at www.drkrupa.wordpress.com. This talk will focus on the children of today who are changing the world as we know it and ushering us into the next millennium. We may know them as bright, compassionate spirits with incredible amounts of energy or ones who are labeled with different ‘diagnoses’ and whose bodies are seemingly struggling to thrive in this world. Dr. Krupa will share insights from her personal life and professional experience on how to support these kids so they may show us how to do things differently.