Feb. 22, 2015 Online Gazette

Welcome to The Celebration Online Gazette! 
Our Invocation:
“We join together to celebrate the splendor of God’s love–cherishing all life, honoring all paths, rejoicing in the sacred dance of All That Is. Living in the power of all-embracing love, we affirm our community and acknowledge the Divine nature of our humanity.”
Please join us this Sunday, February 22, 2015 for our Sunday service. Here are the highlights:
Greeter: Chris Kain
Inspirational Speaker: Doug Webb, “The Always Already State”
Host: Sheryl Glasser
Announcements: David Raymer
Reading: Elsie Rippel
Meditation: Chris Kain
Special Music: Lisa Carman and Friends
Upcoming Speaker for March 1: George Cohen, “Reflections on The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer”
Upcoming Special Music for March 1: Max Highstein
For March 8: Chris Chickering
For March 15: Shelley Campbell
For March 22: Catherine Donavon
The Celebration Service is held at 10:30am every Sunday at the National Education Association building, 2007 Botulph Road in SantaFe. 
Visit our all new website, www.TheCelebration.org for more information and directions.
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About This Week’s Speaker
     Doug Webb is an Awakening Coach, and guides people into deeper states of consciousness in which they can directly experience the Self, not as mind, experience or even spirituality, but as that which precedes all. It is easy to release held feeling, beliefs and trauma from such a state, and Doug is highly skilled at facilitating these Moments of Awakening.
    Doug is also a visionary artist whose work looks at the fabric of Human Experience with the multi-layered essence of our perceptions, thoughts, feelings and archetypes acting as clues to our Being. His path has been one of Awakening and portraying that Awakening in images, writings, and music, all serving the Radiant Core of the Universe.
     And last but not least, Doug is a singer/songwriter/guitar player extraordinaire. We see him (almost) every week in The Celebration Band.
About Next Week’s Speaker
   George Cohen was so impressed with the power of the principles presented by Mr. Michael Singer that he felt moved to share them.  These principles are seen as essential in the process of the freeing of the soul.  In his talk, George will explore the means for accomplishing this worthwhile task.
   George M. Cohen worked as an educator for over 40 years.  During that time he trained students, school staff, corporate employees and parents in Communication, Conflict Management, Leadership and other topics. Since coming to Santa Fe, Mr. Cohen has worked at the State Penitentiary conducting classes in Anger Management. His interest in spiritual principles has led him to study A Course in Miracles for more than 8 years. George has been an active member of The Celebration for more than nine years.
February Council Minutes
Present: Judy, Elsie, Joan, Jeff, Kay, Paula, Tana, Louise, Nicolaas, Nancy, Dianne, Dottie, David
–Opening statement was read and 5 min. of silence observed.
–Finance report: given and accepted with a few comments
–Sound equipment: David: we have spent $622 so far and there may be a few more items to purchase. $1000 was budgeted. Right now we’re borrowing some necessary items from Max and David. David is refining the process as he goes.
The recordings are coming out nice.
–Service recording index. Would like to create and maintain an index for talks and presenters. Dianne will send the existing excel spreadsheet to Judy, Joan and David to start the process
–Songbooks: David keeps track of changes and corrections to the existing book. He can make changes and revisions and meet with those who wish to help (Christopher and Sharon), and eventually send a new file to Paper Tiger for
reprinting. We agreed to make 75 copies.
–Dianne proposed marking our 24th Anniversary in some fashion. It’s on March 29. David offered to host a potluck at his house and we agreed to do so. Dianne will start announcing it in March 1 in the Gazettes.
–Discussion of changing the wording of the Invocation. Everyone spoke their point of view about it. Jeff fed back some of the comments. After all the commentary David asked where council members stood with the notion of changing it. Joan suggested using personal sharing time to present all the viewpoints that have been
offered in our meetings. Some other ideas were offered about how to make it an ongoing larger discussion involving more of the community and keeping it an engaged process. The discussion will continue at council because there was no
consensus reached at this meeting. We’re leaning toward making this change. All Celebration members are invited to have their voices heard on this matter.
–Adjourned at 4:25pm
–Submitted by Dianne Deloren
Celebration Potluck March 29th to Mark our 24th Anniversary!
     David Raymer has offered to host a potluck at his home, 510 Fulton Lane, on Sunday, March 29th following the service. We mark the anniversary of The Celebration on the Sunday before Easter, which this year is March 29. Please plan on joining us for a good food and good company for a good reason! Bring a dish to share. Please park in the Frenchy’s Park parking lot and walk the one short block to David’s house if you are able, as parking is very scarce near the house. 
Community Activities
–An FYI from DD: Dianne Deloren is now officially a grandma! Her daughter delivered a fine, healthy baby boy last Tuesday at 1am. Miles Augustus Lal is his name. Dianne will be noticeably absent March 1 and March 8 as she will be out in California helping the new mom adjust to her new mom-hood.
–Max Highstein is now offering Celebrants his intuitive spiritual counseling work as a gift, at no charge. In sessions he helps clients identify and release inner blocks, and connect more deeply with their own higher guidance. Max has MA degrees in both counseling and spiritual psychology; and intuitive gifts of insight and healing cultivated over decades. Learn more at his website (www.maxhighstein.com) and call him at 466-1055 to schedule an appointment. All Celebrants are welcome.
Ongoing Call for Speakers
   Please let Dianne know if have any ideas for good inspirational speakers. Would you or someone you know be interested in sharing about your life path in a twenty minute talk? We are especially interested in the stories of individual journeys of self knowledge and spiritual unfoldment and invite you to consider sharing yours. If you are interested in sharing with us please contact Dianne Deloren, gazette@thecelebration.org
How YOU Can Participate in the Celebration Service
Our service is largely coordinated and sustained by volunteers. If you would like to participate by conducting a meditation, doing a reading, being a speaker, or performing special music, please contact the following coordinators:
MEDITATION: Elsie Rippel, elsie.rippel@yahoo.com, Ph. 424-1302
READING: Nancy Moon, nancy@moonzone.net, Ph. 467-8632
SPEAKER: Dianne Deloren, gazette@thecelebration.org  699-0023
SPECIAL MUSIC: vcgilstrap@gmail.com, Ph. 670-2144
Ongoing Call for Speakers & Special Music
  Would you or someone you know be interested in sharing about your life path in a twenty minute talk? We are especially interested in the stories of individual journeys of self knowledge and spiritual unfoldment and invite you to consider sharing yours. If you are interested in sharing with us please contact Dianne Deloren, gazette@thecelebration.org  Special music providers are booked by Virginia Gilstrap, vcgilstrap@gmail.com
Celebration Cares Committee
  The Celebration Cares Committee has the mission of co-ordinating activities for the personal well-being needs of members of our community. Please contact Ken Shaw if you or someone in our community needs help, or to become a member yourself. Committee members are:  Sharon Cheney, 474-6363; George Cohen, 699-1923; Dianne Deloren, 699-0023; Bernard Gross, 474-5694;  Kate Marks, 471-8632; Christopher Murphy, 989-7382; Terra Pressler, 395-.8267; Elsie Rippel, 424-1302; Ken Shaw, 819-7359; To join, e-mail ken@kenshaw.net
   The Celebration also has a HELP FUND that can give financial assistance to individuals. You would make a check out to The Celebration and label it for the person you wish to assist. The Celebration then gives a check to that individual, which makes your donation tax deductible. If there is a specific individual you wish to support through the HELP FUND, contact ken@kenshaw.net
Cyber Connections:
–Patti Blair’s website is www.OneHeartArtworks.com
–Nicolaas Bollen shares his philosophy on his Facebook page, Perfect Universal Dialogue.
–Sharon Cheney writes and sends out a free monthly news-letter. To request it, www.sharoncheney.com
–Denys Cope’s website: www.beyond.coping.com
–Virginia Gilstrap has a blog about her work as a hospice nurse: vcgilstrap.wordpress.com
–Deanna Hallmark’s blog: http:/messagesfromdeanna.wordpress.com
–Bernard Gross’ website is: www.nomoreteachers.com
–Max Highstein’s websites: www.maxhighstein.com and his guided meditations are at www.thehealingwaterfall.com
–Kathleen Hill’s website: www.taprootcounseling.com
–Cynthia Hinkley’s handmade greeting cards are on etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CindraArt
–Jeff Hood’s website is www.adventuresinspirit.com
–Nancy Moon’s website is www.nancyblairmoon.com
–Kathleen Nagy’s website: www.thesoundlady.com
–Bill O’Donnell’s YouTube channel is https://youtube.com/sfisnm;there are many videos posted there
–Ronda’s amazon site is www.helpmerondathings.com
–Joan Sotkin’s website and podcasts can be found at: www.prosperityplace.com
–Ellen Shapiro’s 2 blogs: www.solopreneurwoman.com and www.heartsabode.blogspot.com
–Tairifa’s website is www.wideenergywingspan.com
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