George Cohen – The Path to Real Freedom

So often people wrestle with the issue of individual freedom: how to maintain it, how to enlarge it. They sometimes select a path that they believe will lead to greater freedom only to find that the path leads to a dead end. What is the path to real freedom? What personal tools are needed to achieve real freedom? What are the benefits to achieving real freedom? These questions will be examined and possible answers will be explored.
George M. Cohen has been an educator for over fifty years. He has focused on issues of leadership, personal growth, and conflict management. His love of groups has brought him to train students, teachers, parents, corporate staff personnel, and the general public. His career included appearing on news programs on ABC, CBS, and NBC. One of his educational programs was described in the New York Times.
For over eight years George was a student of A Course in Miracles and he has been a member of The Celebration for thirteen years.