Gina Garris-How I Found God Through Sex

Open your heart and mind to this edgy topic, as Gina playfully shares her story of falling in love with herself and falling in love with the Divine. Allow Gina to melt into you as she shares how she came to know God-dess through her discovery of sex and her journey of sexuality, sensuality and spirituality. GinaGarris
Gina Garris is a lover of LOVE. She has infused her life with sharing love as a woman, healer, teacher and mentor. Being in her presence allows you to relax into more of yourself. Without judgment, Gina naturally creates a sacred space of awareness, acceptance and appreciation of all aspects of you, light and dark. This permission from within calls forth new ways of BE-ing. Lightness, wholeness, juiciness, life without shame – some of the ways her clients describe the results of her work.

Gina offers sexuality and yoni workshops, intuitive bodywork, sexual healer sessions and kundalini yoga and meditation classes. She meets you wherever you are and loves you. Unconditionally. Gina also thrives on facilitating sexuality and sacredness conversations, inviting more playfulness into a seemingly uptight world. For more information: 719.248.6885.