Hollis Walker – Are We There Yet?

It’s the backseat refrain of every child on a long car trip, but it’s also the perennial silent query in many adults’ minds as we go through life. Have I arrived? Am I done? Is the toothpick coming out clean? Goal-setting became popular in the 1960s and continues to influence Americans’ daily lives, sometimes to good ends, but also sometimes to our detriment. How has goal-setting (and presumably goal-reaching) affected your life? Are you “there” yet?
Rev. Hollis Walker is an interfaith minister, spiritual director and board-certified chaplain who reads voraciously and asks a lot of questions—mostly of herself, but also of those in her milieu. She’s been a writer, art curator, radio personality, as well as a pathology laboratory technician. And only one began as a goal. Guess which?