Hollis Walker – How Death Can Teach You How to Live

As much as our culture is obsessed with death–in movies, on TV, in books, in video games–we avoid talking about or contemplating our own deaths at almost any cost. Then, when confronted with our own mortality, our suffering is enormous. What if we could die more easily, “Die Wise,” as the author Stephen Jenkinson says? Hollis Walker would like to persuade everyone to make friends with the idea of their own death and perhaps live more vitally and less fearfully.
Rev. Hollis Walker’s first career was in journalism. At age 52, she went to seminary to become an interfaith minister. She is a board-certified chaplain and has worked in hospice, hospital, and nursing home settings. She offers support groups and counseling, especially to those in grief, and continues to write and edit, coach individual writers, and teach writing groups.