Ilan Shamir-Living Your True Nature

Over twenty years ago a hundred year old cottonwood tree in Colorado shared its profound and humorous advice with Ilan Shamir. In his unique drumming and storytelling style, he will share with us the beauty and wisdom of this old tree and how we can go beyond our perceived limitations to manifest a life of creativity and prosperity.
After tiring of the corporate world of inventing candy for Willy Wonka and marketing for 7UP during the wildly successful “UNCOLA” days of the early 1970’s, Ilan Shamir turned his talents to nature. After a 40 day solo on foot across Iceland to walk away from a life that no longer fit him, he created the “Advice from Nature” series found in most national parks and thousands of stores around the country. Ilan is also a writer, silk artist and creator of the “Poetry in Motion” truck seen around Santa Fe. His websites areIlanShamir and