Judy Scher – Messy Wholi-ness: The Body as a Gateway to Presence No Matter What Life Brings

Embodied presence is the ability to be with ‘what is’ in the full range of human experience, from sadness or grief to joy and bliss. It’s the ability to be where we are, in vulnerability, alignment and truth, with the inner resources to stay in the flow of life instead of pushing against it. Embodied presence carries with it the blessing of authentic wisdom. Our ability to be present with what life brings and to have the emotional bandwidth with presence is supported by connecting with our body. This in turn empowers us in awakening our ability to heal, grow and discover the love we are, no matter what life brings.
Dr. Judy L. Scher is a transformational catalyst, a midwife of soul growth and an alchemical healer. She has been a healing practitioner for over 4 decades and a wellness chiropractor. She established the Scher Center for Well Being in Santa Fe in 1992.