Kelle Vort – It’s Finally Safe to be Me: Healing is Possible

Kelle Vort was born in New Jersey to an atheist mother and agnostic father, where sports was the religion of the family. Fortunately, she took to sports at a young age and went on to become a World Cup level ski jumper. Lyme disease ended her ski career and prompted her to learn about nutrition, many forms of holistic healing, psychology, spirituality and the mind body connection. She is registered and licensed as a Dietitian/Nutritionist and certified in Wholistic Kinesiology, Theta Healing, Noetic Aura Balancing and Laughter Yoga.
Despite experiencing many difficult moments throughout the course of her healing journey, she feels that illness and trauma have been her teachers, leading her to develop deeper levels of compassion, empathy, love, acceptance, and forgiveness of herself and others. She describes parts of her healing journey, including tools, resources and support that have helped her the most. She has recently restarted her nutrition counseling practice. Information about how to make an appointment or refer clients can be found at Donations for her medical treatments can be made at