Kristine Baker – I Am Serene: Being in the Care of Perfection in Action

Kristine Baker has spoken at The Celebration in the past, often sharing stories from her journey in life. Her talk will include a story and lessons of her past year from the sudden death of a friend to inheriting a little chihuahua, resulting in Kristine making major life changes. It is said that a crowded mind cannot think as clearly or effortlessly as one that is kept free of complexity and confusion. Through discovering the art of surrender, these changes have led Kristine to the greatest joys of her life.
Kristine has been on her spiritual path since she was 22, enjoying relationships with the people she has met along the way. Mentors, friends, co-workers, family and students have always been Kristine’s classroom in moving from intellectual ‘Hell’ to seeing and being in a ‘Heaven on Earth.’