Linda L. Fischer – How Change Invites Both Lessons & Blessings

It goes without saying that we are in a time of great change. How do we integrate all that is happening around and within us, and use it as fuel for our evolution and creativity? How do we slow down and feel what is real, and transcend our habituated victimhood? In this dynamic and interactive sharing, Linda guides us into our personal and cultural change to explore both the lessons and blessings in them. Together, we uncover the inherent wisdom and grace that life is offering, even when that seems nearly impossible!
Linda L. Fischer has combined an intense love of learning with a passion for uncovering the deepest, most authentic drivers of human motivation for sustainable change. With over 40 years of recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction, she was trained by Newfield Network and now works as an ontological coach, author, and educator, helping others to uncover their inner brilliance. She is committed to supporting people worldwide in coming to know what is possible for a good life, no matter their life circumstances.