Margo Covington – Stress and Immunity In The Era Of COVID-19

I’ve had many careers. Little did I know 16 years ago when I had cancer and met the machine that I use, that this work of lymphatic decongestion would become my passion and a mission of love. And in our current pandemic, I’m appreciating the value of what I’ve learned more and more. I recently realized that all the varied careers in my life seem to have uniquely prepared me for this work at this time.
For example, I was a restaurant cook where we made lots of hollandaise sauce, and where I learned how emulsions work. That understanding is easily translated to feeling the various viscosities of emulsion in our lymph as it decongests and flows. Also, I was an environmental sound recordist and musician, so I hear the correlation between different lymph decongestion sounds with what we can feel. More information is available on Margo’s website: