Mary McGinnis – How Poetry Opened and Changed My Life

I am an only child who has always had a vivid imagination. The summer when I was about to turn 16, two unexpected events occurred in quick succession. My father died suddenly of a heart attack, and I met my first mentor, who introduced me to the world of poetry and self-expression. Like so many gifts that have come into my life, it opened doors which connected me with others, with nature, and myself. I share how writing poetry has brought me joy and, at times, confusion. Writing sustains and surprises me.
Mary McGinnis has been writing, working, and playing in New Mexico since 1972. Blind since birth, she fell in love with mountains and desert and the scents, sounds, and tastes of New Mexico. After 35 years of counseling and advocacy, she is semi-retired with a private counseling practice. She participates in four writing groups. She is also a Certified Laughter Leader and has three full-length poetry collections and a chapbook, Breath of Willow published by Lummox Press.