Michael Brown – Musings of a Black Man, Beyond Activism: The Incredibly Hard Work and Complexity of Creating Lasting Change in America

This short conversation is an attempt to take a glimpse at, and briefly tease out, a few of the “knots”, and look at some of the nuances and subtleties that “color” racism, and to highlight the complexity that lasting change represents if we are to authentically deconstruct racism or any other “ism” in America.
Michael is a respected community leader, Navy veteran and athletic trainer/health advocate for older adults. He’s founder of Breakthrough Leadership, a local organization whose mission is to adopt and develop within young people a “philosophy of intentional self-cultivation” that guides life practice with imagination, integrity, and courage. They explore ideals of human character that ultimately play a greater role in defining ones’ overall identity, success and how we live our lives.
He’s an advocate of multicultural leadership development and known for his innovative, insightful, and passionate approach to education. He values difference wherever found and believes recognizing, understanding, appreciating and celebrating one’s own culture as well as the culture of others are critical factors in the implementation and outcomes of any movement or change initiative.