Michael Warmuth – Living By Guidance

From an early age Michael was aware that he didn’t fit in with most of what was happening around him. He grew up in a family and extended family of devoted Catholics, but was never able to find any kind of spiritual meaning in the rituals and services that were so important to his family. Looking back now, he is grateful that something inside him was very clear about what he would accept as true. He also sees now that the benefit of not fitting in was that he was free to follow his own path, which led him on a journey of personal and spiritual growth from an early age. About 10 years ago Michael spontaneously developed the ability to receive guidance, answers and guided meditations from a higher source, a place of deep connectedness. Michael and his partner Judy are now committed to living under the guidance of Spirit, and Michael shares his experiences of this commitment. More information is available at www.MichaelWarmuth.com.