Michele McCarthy – Evidence of God

Ever fascinated by mystery stories and “Who Done Its”, Michele began to observe how God appeared to be woven through her life. Influenced by the book “Creative Visualization,” by Shakti Gawain, Michele began to put these principals to the test. What resulted delighted and encouraged her. She even got a husband this way. Influenced by (JZ Knight) Ramtha’s “Create Your Day” teaching, Michele began her detective work in collecting evidence of Spirit, evidence of God. She found that when she was open and observant, God appeared everywhere. Through a series of “Kodak Moments”, Michele leads you on a life review of “ah ha” moments that hopefully will inspire your own life review and personal awareness of EVIDENCE OF GOD.
Michele grew up in Pennsylvania, attended the University of Pittsburgh, B.S., Duquesne University, Masters Degree in Counseling, and is currently working on a Ph.D. in Gratitude.
A spiritual seeker all her life, she studied Kryia Yoga, Tantra, the Arica Mystery School. She chose to practice the non attachment of material goods by selling everything and following a teacher. In Washington DC, Michele worked as a career counselor and cooperate trainer  in her own business, SUCCESS IN MIND. In 2019 she published a book called “Evolving Stories, Success Stories in Retirement Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.” Motto: “You’re never too old to become younger”- Mae West.