Morayah: Trusting and Living Our Passion Fully

Morayah lived in Sweden for 30 years until Santa Fe opened up the doors for New Beginnings. Morayah was involved with competitive sports in her youth and continued in Sweden with many different trades of athletic skills. This led to managing gyms and personal training which is ongoing after 35 years of trade and has ended up being the gateway to a diverse range of skills as a bodyworker and spiritual healer. The most intricate and challenging Journey she has mastered is the one in Self Discovery, ongoing. She embarked on this adventure during the -80s with full commitment and this Sacred Journey is today her deep Well for Inspiration for her New Beginnings, as she returns to her childhood passion for Creative Writing, Arts and Crafts and Music in a different way, always in change and expanding. http://santafespirit-morayah.blogspot.comMorayah