Nicolaas Bollen & Judy Stevens – Small Stone Circle

Come join Nicolaas and Judy in celebrating the Small Stone Circle. They created a Circle at the ocean to honor Apache elder and wise woman Shanadii Listening Deer, who mentored them in the ways of the Corn Circle. They’ve created these small Circles in many places in nature, at art festivals and when a loved one has transitioned. They explain the meaning of the Small Stone Circle and how to create one.
Judy is a Creative who worked for many years on behalf of and with people with disabilities. Her focus now is on love, Spirit, “being in the now” moment and living from the knowledge that we are All One with everything. Nicolaas is an artist, philosopher and musician. You can find Nicolaas’ philosophy expressed in many of his Facebook postings, and you can see his art work at Both Nicolaas and Judy are part of a monthly Corn Circle Ceremony.