Patricia Varga – What Is Healing?

Patricia Varga believes that creativity is a spiritual experience, & that spirituality is a creative experience.
For the last decade, she has worked with cancer & chronic pain patients, their family members & healthcare providers & has witnessed the power of creativity in the healing process. Her own experience with cancer, & the experiences of others, has taught her much about grace, gratitude, compassion & the power of the creative spirit. She believes the creative process uncovers & enhances the humanity in all of us & also encourages communication from the heart in a way that touches & changes people’s lives. Creativity heals.
Patricia is a publisher, author and creativity coach recognized for her ability to engage people in their healing process. Her signature Create to Heal program is taught in hospitals and cancer centers across the country, as well as domestic violence shelters worldwide. She is also the founder of The Women with Wings Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to bridging the gap between the science and technology of medicine and patient care. She is a graduate of Stanford University and Harvard’s Publishing Program. In 2018, Patricia published her first book, Create to Heal: A Pathway to Insight, A Journey to Peace. She is a lifelong artist, and a collection of her art cards are available at