Pauli Murphy – From Beating to Flying!

Pauli Murphy was the youngest of 5 from a very loving, laughter-filled family in England. Like his 2 brothers, he experienced severe corporal punishments when sent away to a boarding school for 10 years at the age of just 7.
Stirred by Christopher’s aviation activities, he became a Qualified Helicopter & Gyroplane Instructor.
Shown Abraham by Christopher in 2004, and then finding Theo, Bashar, Kryon and others, Pauli’s journey of spiritual discovery has now led him to become a Certified Practitioner of Voice Channeling(another form of flying) after rigorous training with New Three University of California. Pauli has also been guided to create a series of illustrated stories for children aged 4 to 104, and “Rufus and The Flying Carpet” can be found on Amazon. This is his tale of ‘evolving’ in “The Old Country” – not actually ‘growing up’ – any more than his brother, Christopher!
Pauli’s website is: