Rebecca Skeele – Seeding Heaven

Rebecca Skeele, author, wisdom teacher and mentor is in the business of co creating ‘heaven on earth’.
Heaven is not a destination, Rebecca states. Heaven is a radical choice. Choosing ‘heaven’ is to live your life in a different reality – a different way than most people. Instead of sleep walking through each day or chasing after those ‘bright shiny objects’ that the world tells us we need in order to be successful and have it all together, your Heaven asks you: “What do you truly want? What will give your life meaning and fulfillment? How will you serve yourself and others by living in the world from greater loving, kindness, compassion and joy?” She shares stories from her life that prompted her to write her first book, ‘You can Make It Heaven: How to Enrich Your Life with Abundance and Loving’. For more info about Rebecca: