Regina Ress-Giving Thanks for Being Able to Do Small Favors

Regina Ress is an award winning storyteller, actor, teacher, and author who splits her time between Greenwich Village (NYC) and Santa Fe. She has performed and led workshops in the US, Latin America and Europe in English and SpReginaRessanish, in schools and international festivals, in prisons and parks, homeless shelters and the White House. She is a Producer/Associate Director of Healing Voices-Personal Stories, a Santa Fe based film company making films to raise awareness of domestic/intimate partner violence and she volunteers with women in the SF county jail.
From her window in lower Manhattan, she witnessed the attack on 9/11 and participated in the extraordinary response that day and for many months after. Regina experienced how being able to do “small favors” helps not just those in need, but equally, it helps the helpers. She received many phone calls from people around the world saying how lucky she was to be there and able to DO something. They felt helpless. She felt grounded, clear, and grateful. Regina will tell some stories of compassion, generosity and grace from that extraordinary time and speak of how the terrorists’ act of hate generated thousands and thousands of acts of love.