Robert Bern – Healthcare Portraits: Stories & Images from Experiences with Illness

There are many stories from healthcare beyond the few general narratives we hear in the news. The Healthcare Portrait series seeks to uncover the humanity that inherently exists in peoples’ stories with healthcare. Whether patients or their family members, doctors or nurses, other healthcare workers or those who know little of its particulars, these images and words – these peoples’ words – create not just a portrait of them but a picture of their own complex relationship to illness.  Robert will talk a little about his path, share a few stories, and talk a little about how he has been affected by them in pursuit of revealing the humanity of illness.
Robert Bern is an artist and healthcare IT professional making art about healthcare, illness and death. Based in part on his professional experience but mostly on his personal experience as a family member of the ill and dying, he works to illustrate cultural bias and varying perspectives in peoples healthcare experience. His mission is to communicate the overlooked humanity in illness and death and provide others the opportunity to show and share their own experiences.  Please see more of his works on his website,