Robert Johnson-A New Question of Story!

RobertJohnsonRobert Francis Mudman Johnson has lived in Santa Fe since 1980 and has been a humanistic developmental counselor, a Teacher, an artist specializing in community collaborative Earth based sculptures (the labyrinth at Frenchies park,) a workshop leader and hopes to help us to create “a world worthy of of children’s love and respect.”

“It’s all a question of story. We are in trouble just now because we are in between stories. The Old Story the account of how the world came to be and how we fit into it-sustained us for a long time. It shaped our emotional attitudes, provided us with life purpose, energized action, consecrated suffering, integrated knowledge and education. We awoke in the morning and knew where we were. We could answer the questions of our children. We could identify crime, punish transgressors. Everything was taken care of because the story was there. But now it is no longer functioning properly, and we have not yet learned the New Story.” – Thomas Berry
The world has gone bad again who will take us home? Where are the young people and the elders? Where are the artists and the poets? Where are the story tellers to help us tell a new story that works for us all? (6 thousand year old poem from Africa)