Robin Duda-Restoring Trust in Life; A Dance of Soul Body Union

Robin has developed a unique process of conscious soul retrieval called SOUL ALCHEMY for over 27 years.
Her talk will inspire and initiate a new perspective on the power of our own human will to bring our soul into wholeness when we commit to the daily practice of sharing human love. We don’t have to wait for heRobinDuda2aven anymore.
As a catalyst of multidimensional soul integration, she has witnessed miracles of healing with her practitioner team as clients surrender to the somatic, in-the-moment experiencing of their bodies, sensations, emotions, and radical honest self expression with others. Robin utilizes storytelling and a flamboyant style to create an experiential rapport with her audiences.
Robin is an audacious catalyst of transformation. She co-founded Sustainable Love Training and Guidance Center with her husband Joseph, while maintaining a private practice since 1995. She holds two masters degrees: social work and dance therapy. Her specialty is to create mufti-disciplinary healing teams to work synergistic-ally and collaboratively with individuals, families, couples, groups, and organizations. Robin has combined her passions for performance and healing by hosting a live musical theater show and webcast called Imagine with Robin. She is also an improvisational artist and has recently choreographed for several dance and theatrical productions. In the everyday world her three children and love of her life, Joseph, keep her inspired and focused on grounding unity consciousness and practicing sustainable love!