Saul Shaye – The Best Gift

Saul tells a story based on an outline called “The Best Gift.” This is a fantasy tale based on a true person. Back in 2003, he said to God one day, “I would like to write but I don’t have the time.” He then got stuck in a blizzard in Denver in his RV with 3 feet of snow which closed the interstate, but with full power in the RV. The story he’ll share was given during those following days when he couldn’t leave the mobile home park.
Saul is a retired chiropractor but full-time spiritual healer and speaker at New Thought churches around the country. He has been the guest minister at over 300 churches around the U.S., and has been a healing consultant with the NFL since 2003, working with the Green Bay Packers, the Philadelphia Eagles and now the Kansas City Chiefs. He has been an avid participant in track, weightlifting, karate, and body building. He was a finalist in Mr. Louisiana in 1979.