Stephen Fadden-In Recovery from Comfortably Numb

I have been a performing storyteller since the age of 7, & after many years & many stories have nstephenfaddenoticed that the stories people most remember are those that evoke an emotional response in them. Ironically, I’ve had difficulty throughout my life discerning & expressing the full spectrum of my own emotions in interpersonal situations. Something I have seen in myself & others at times is emotional detachment & emotional numbness. They both are coping skills we engage, whether it be in a conscious or unconscious manner. Life’s current events, memories & stories over the last few years, have sent me on a journey (quite unwillingly) to distinguish between the two to achieve clarity & compassion in myself & others.
Stephen Fadden is a performing artist, storyteller, motivational speaker, and educator. He has been a featured lecturer and performing artist for the National Gallery of Art; the Smithsonian Institution; the National Museum of the American Indian; and at national and international storytelling events in between.