Tania Vassalo – The Courage to Be

Tania Vasallo shares her journey of breaking free from societal constraints, inspiring audiences globally. Drawing from her multicultural upbringing and expertise as a Napoleon Hill certified coach, she empowers individuals to overcome limiting beliefs and unlock their true potential.
As host of The Courage To Be Podcast, ranked in the top 1.5%, Tania invites you to embrace courage, intention, and self-discovery. Through heartfelt anecdotes and practical insights, she guides listeners on a transformative path towards authenticity and purpose. She invites you to embark on your unique journey of growth and empowerment, embracing your true potential and purpose. You can listen to “The Courage To Be” podcast on your favorite platform. She is an International speaker, a Napoleon Hill certified coach, a Success and Money Mindset Expert, An Event Host, Business Mentor, Investor, Philanthropist and Mom.
Born to a Spanish father, an American mother and raised in Spain, Tania was constantly in search of freedom from a patriarchal society. She now specializes in teaching the science of the mind and transforming people’s limiting beliefs so they can make more money, achieve their desired success and live a lifestyle of freedom! She has helped hundreds of people to heal their money stories.
Tania and her family currently make their home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. When she isn’t busy helping her clients be their best selves, Tania enjoys traveling, visiting her family in Spain, exploring nature and experiencing all of the adventures life has to offer.