Tzivia Gover-Yes, A Dream CAN Change Your Life

On a winter morning during a season of great stress and challenge, Tzivia Gover was startled awake by a frightening dream. On reflection she realized this dream was offering her essential information that would ultimately help her turn her life around. Although everyone dreams, too many people dismiss their TziviaGover2dreams as meaningless or too confusing to be of value, but Tzivia has come to believe that dreams are a rich resource that each person can learn to tap into and learn from. Ever since her own dream woke her up, Gover has used dreams to guide and advise her on everything from optimal nutrition, to relationship advice, to creative direction, decision-making, and more. In addition, she has become a Certified Dream Therapist, and now works with people and groups to help them find insight, meaning, and healing from their dreams. In this talk, Gover will speak about her personal journey through dreams, her mindful approach to dreaming, and her belief that dreams can help us all heal personally—and as a global community.
Author and educator Tzivia Gover is a certified dream therapist, and director of the Institute for Dream Studies, where she offers a Certification in Dream Studies program. Tzivia’s books include Joy in Every Moment (Storey Publishing), Learning in Mrs. Towne’s House, and Mindful Moments for Stressful Days (Storey Publishing). She is the founder of 350 Dreamers a global network of people who practice collective dreaming for global healing. In addition to having an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University, Tzivia is a Certified Proprioceptive Writing Instructor and a Reiki Master. Learn more at