Wendy Brown-Baez–Cultivating Resiliency

We are in the midst of profound personal transformation, as well as paradigm shifts in the world around us. Resiliency is a way to strengthen our courage. How can we cultivate resiliency? How can we rise above life’s challenges when we feel over-whelmed? Wendy will share what she has learned about resiliency from her own journey through grief and healing. She will share how we can access our inner wisdom through creativity and how to raise our vibration. Wendy is the author of two books of poetry, Ceremonies of the Spirit and Transparencies of Light and her prose and poetry have been appeared widely in literary journals. She was awarded several grants to teach writing in non-profits and has guided victims of domestic violence, homeless youth, heart patients, HIV+ clients, cancer survivors, incarcerated writers and the grieving to write their stories. www.wendybrownbaez.com