Wendy Van Dilla-I Am Learning How to “Speak Up”!

  Wendy’s talk is based on her recent experiences of:  being knocked off her feet; getting off the ground; asking for and accepting help both professionally and from friends; learning how to speak up for herself and others and having transformational experiences during and after surgery.
Wendy’s passion for holistic health and wellness began with her own desire to heal from certain health conditions. With success, she then desired to share this wonderful approach of self-care. She worked diligently through the doctorate program at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, graduating in 1999. She studied modern western medical sciences, conventional and holistic diagnosis, and natural therapeutics. She especially loves applying our holistic approach in clinic and watching patients benefit.

In 2000 Wendy moved to Santa Fe and opened a private practice in Santa Fe and Los Alamos. Over the past 16 years, Wendy has taught public and college level classes in herbal medicine, nutrition and hydrotherapy. She produces and hosts a local community TV program called New Mexico’s Naturopathic Medical Show. Wendy interviews local alternative doctors and practitioners. These half-hour shows air in Santa Fe on Comcast cable channel 16 and over the internet on the YouTube channel “naturopathicshow.”
Wendy’s mother, whom some of us at The Celebration remember as “Sunstar” the dancing spiritual clown of Oneness, inspired her spiritual growth. Sunstar introduced Wendy to Tibetan Buddhism which she continues to study and practice.