Wendy Van Dilla – Science, Religion, Spirituality & Sanity: I am Psychic not Psychotic

This is a huge collection of topics I will just glance the surface of from my own personal experience. This talk is an integration of my struggles, confusion and my current level of understanding and living with the inherent conflicts of these topics.
I was born and raised in Los Alamos, New Mexico by two scientists. Growing up, I enjoyed the religious freedom umbrella of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Los Alamos. Later, after my family moved to Livermore, California in 1972, my mother Jean had a spiritual awakening after a low dose of a pharmaceutical anti-depression medication. She left our family in search of her ideal of her spiritual family, a search that lasted the rest of her life and ended in my home in Santa Fe in January 2004. Some of you know Jean as her spiritual clown personality “Sunstar.” There is so much to think about and share. I do my best to provide a glimpse into my reality of holistic mental health.