Michael Warmuth – I Surrender

Surrender is a concept that commonly appears in the world of spirituality and personal growth, but it is not often clear who is surrendering and to what. Surrender can also have the negative connotations of giving up, of losing, of failure. Michael has found in his life that understanding surrender is crucial to finding true freedom. Michael shares his experience of seeking this understanding, learning to surrender, and how it has worked for him.
Looking back from here, Michael has spent much of his life trying to discern what is true or not, what is real or not. This was largely a response to his Catholic upbringing, where so much of what he was told and heard seemed contradictory, and had no basis in experience. This quest has followed many paths, including counseling and psychotherapy, sacred plant medicines (and a few not so sacred!), and the studying of many spiritual paths and teachers. In 2009, as a consequence of major life changes and a determination to go as deep as possible into the truth of himself, Michael experienced an opening in himself. This opening made it possible to receive guidance, answers and guided meditations from a higher source, a place of deep connectedness. Michael and his partner Judy are now committed to living under the guidance of Spirit, and Michael shares his experiences of this commitment.