Ilan Shamir – Exercising Your Gratitude Muscle

The more you exercise your gratitude muscle the stronger it becomes. Based on his firsthand experience with the elder Huichol Indian shaman Don Jose Matsuwa in Mexico and 30 years of leading ceremonies and practice, Ilan shares ways that have been handed down over centuries to expand our gratefulness and apply it to our everyday lives. With his unique drumming, inspiring stories and poetry, he will demonstrate how to bring the flow of gratitude more into our lives. He will include a demo of making your own gratitude “prayer arrow”. What a perfect time to celebrate and harvest our many Thanksgiving blessings together.
Ilan’s name means protector of trees, life and celebration! A solo journey on foot across Iceland brought him closer to understanding and living his true nature. Participating in the Huichol drum and harvest ceremony opened him to a deep connection with gratitude and celebration. Ilan has sponsored the planting of over 120,000 trees and celebrates the wisdom of nature through his company, Your True Nature ( His work has been featured in print and broadcast media. He recently retired and is focusing on giving powerful blessing sessions for individuals via zoom. More info at